Release: February 18, 2020

  • Fix: Date Format adding Phase – While adding a new Phase and entering in dates and you have a custom (non-US) date format, it was not properly validating the dates.

  • Reordering Scope Items – On the Inclusions and Exclusions lists for the Scope of a Group on an Estimate you can now right-click and ‘Reorder Items’. The sort order will be stored in the Sort column on the record which can be used to keep the same sort order in reports.

  • Search Scope Items – Added a search for Saved scope items

  • Part Subcategory – Added a subcategory table for parts. The Category and Subcategory fields are not related so they can be set independently of each other.

  • Import Project Pricing – Added an ‘Import from Project’ right-click option to Project Pricing