Release: February 9, 2020

  • Fix: Task Definition Calc – When setting a Date formula for a Task Definition that has no instances, it would update all open Tasks which could take a very long time depending on the amount of open tasks and the server resources.

  • Project Expense Added Fields – Added a link to Phase and Business on Expense records

  • Phase Parts/Colors – A new tab has been added to Phases where you can add records that link to either a Project Part or Project Color record and add Phase specific Notes.

  • New Report - CN_TIMECLOCK_Employee Notes by Time Period. Appears on the Timeclock form, lets you pick a date range and show any notes entered by employees on their labor records.

  • Assign Budget when Assigning Element to Drawing – When you link Elements to Drawings it will automatically link any Budget Records associated with the Element to the Drawing as well.