Release: January 27, 2020

  • Drawing Task Budget – Drawing Tasks now honor Budget Hours linked to the parent Drawing in their date formulas.

  • Drawing Task Date Trigger – Drawing Tasks now honor configuring setting a Date when the Task is completed. See the Dates tab on the Task Definitions form.

  • Employee UDCs – UDCs (User Defined Columns) have been added to Employees. At this time these can be configured in Options on the All tab. Search for EmployeeUDC to find the settings. You can double-click the Name of the setting to open a multi-line editor for modifying the Validation settings which will turn a Text UDC into a multiple-choice value.

  • Fix: Task Trigger Status Error – If a Task was configured to change the Status of the parent but either the current Status of the parent or the Status set to trigger has been deleted an error would occur preventing the process. It will now ignore if the current status has been deleted and warn you if the new status has been deleted.