Release: November 28, 2020

Changes have been made that affect labor records and if using the mobile app for clocking in and out you should update it to the latest version. Contact support for help updating the web API for the mobile apps.


  • Estimating Products

    • In the Customize Product window, when opened from the Product Library, you can now right-click to Remove and Rename Product Configurations. You can also drag-and-drop branches of the Configuration tree to move or copy them (hold Ctrl to Copy). When copying a branch it will copy all sub-items including the associated labor and material records.

    • Modified the Copy function for Products to include copying of the entire Configuration tree including material and labor records.

    • Added a Show/Hide Configurations link at the top of the Customize Product window to toggle the visibility of the Configuration tree.

  • Invoice Popup Reminder - Added a popup reminder to the user whenever a new Invoice is created. There are two options that control this. Both can be found on the Invoices tab in Options.

    • Invoice Reminder - If text is entered here it will be displayed to the user when they add a new invoice

    • Invoice Reminder Query - This is only used if the previous setting is blank. Select a query saved on the Queries form to determine what the reminder text is, if any. Insert the <ProjectID> tag into the query and it will replaced by the current project ID before the query is ran. If the query returns no text then the reminder will not popup. This can be used to only remind the user if specific conditions are present, for instance if the project has a Flag turned on with ‘FSC’ in the name as in the following example:
      SELECT MAX('Remember to check FSC requirements for this invoice')
      FROM dbo.Project
      JOIN dbo.Project_Flag on Project.ID = Project_Flag.Project
      JOIN dbo.Flag on Project_Flag.Flag = Flag.ID
      WHERE Flag.Description LIKE '%fsc%' AND Project.ID = <ProjectID>

  • Inventory by Sub Category - Added a filter by Sub Category to the Inventory form and a Sub Category column to the Inventory table.

  • Notes

    • Add an Importance field to the Note to indicate an importance level. The importance levels are populated as High, Normal and Low and are color coded. You can override this by modifying the table in the database named ‘Note_Importance’

    • Add a Notify tab on the Note window. You can use this to add employees who should be notified to read the note and indicate that they’ve read it.

  • My Notification Window - A new Notification window has been created that will popup to each user as they login if there are any new notifications for them. For now this includes Notes that they’re name has been added to for notification. In the future other Notifications will have options to use this method in addition to or instead of email. If the window is closed you can reopen it from the drop-down menu under View-->My Notifications.

  • Phase Status Color - Added color coding per Phase Status to the row header and the Status column.


  • Inventory Form - When selecting both a Part Filter and a Part Category Filter an error would occur

  • Employee Timeclock - After a recent update when loading the totals on the Timeclock form the following error would occur: Operator '/' is not defined for type 'DBNull' and type 'Integer'

  • Idle Auto Logoff - When a PC was logged off due to an idle timer, when logging back in it would immediately log out again and the app had to be closed and reopened before it would stay logged in.

  • Phase Status Change Notification - In some instances when a Phase Status notification was triggered an error occurred preventing the notification from being created.