Release: December 14, 2020


  • SOV Improvements

    • UDC Columns - Added ability to add UDC columns to the SOV table. See the Project UDC tab in Options and look for rows starting with SOV.

    • Clipboard Pasting - Pasting from the clipboard to the SOV has been fixed so pasting works properly if the columns have been rearranged. Use the standard windows shortcut for pasting (Ctrl+V).

    • Link to Phase - Added right-click options to Link SOV records to Phase or New Phase. When highlighting cells in multiple rows and creating multiple new phases, only selected cells with text in them will be processed and empty cells will be skipped. The text in the selected cell will be used as the Phase description.

    • Add and Insert with Multiples - Added new right-click options to add multiple records at once and also Insert single or multiple records above the current row. Inserting relies on the Sort column and the Sort column will renumber itself during the Insert process.

  • Phase Template Formulas - When writing formulas for Budgets you can reference the variable name ‘Value’ which will populate with the sum total of all linked SOV records. This will work with SOV records created by the Template and also when creating new Phases by right-clicking the SOV.

  • Estimate Post Process Query - Added a setting to store a query to run immediately after an Estimate is Processed. You can insert tags into the query that will be replaced before the query is ran. Find the option in Settings-->All named ‘ProcessEstimate_PostQuery’ and see the Description column for more info on available tags. Note: Double-click the Setting name to open a multi-line editor. Two new tables were introduced that are populated during the process that link the Phase table to the Project_Estimate_Group and Project_Estimate_Product tables. The new tables are named Project_Phase_EstimateGroup and Project_Phase_EstimateProduct.

  • Status Text Length - Increased the allowed length of Status names for multiple areas where a Status field is used.

  • Schedule Improvements - The following changes can be found on the Schedules window.

    • Overtime Thresholds - You can now set a Weekly, Daily and Shift threshold for overtime per Schedule. These will override the global threshold and the global threshold will be removed in a future update.

    • Show Options - You can control which options are available to employee per Schedule. Options include “In”, “Paid Break” and “Unpaid Break”.

    • Break Text - Override the text for “Paid Break” and “Unpaid Break” options displayed on the timeclock

    • Break Definitions - You can define multiple breaks per Schedule and designate them as Paid or Unpaid. They can be automatically applied. This will replace the global ‘Lunch Period’ in a future update.

As of this update, the Schedule Improvements are completed in user interface so you can configure the new features, but most won’t take effect until an update in the near future


  • When adding products to an Estimate the following error would occur:
    The column "PCC" cannot be modified because it is either a computed column or is the result of a UNION operator