Release notes: 2011

Release: March 1, 2011

  • Project Links – Links tab on the Project form lets you add links to the Project.

  • Change Order Totals – A summary of Change Orders is displayed on the Contract Tab of the Project Form

  • Change Order Autoadd to SOV – When a Change Order is changed to Approved Status, a popup message will ask you if you want to add it to the SOV

  • Change Order Column on SOV – A new column on the SOV titled Change Order shows which Change Order the SOV item is linked to. This link is created when the items is added to the SOV from the Change Order grid.

  • Folder Menu Option – Right-click an RFI, RFQ, Change Order, Release, or Invoice and use the options under the Folder menu to access a linked folder. Goto will open up the linked folder on the Documents Tab of the Project Form. Explore will open up the linked folder in Windows Explorer. Select… will let you pick the linked folder.

  • Auto Create Folder Options – When adding new Phases, Invoices, RFIs, RFQs, and Change Orders you can have a folder automatically created. See the Folder Tab on under Settings -> Options to control whether not a folder will be created and if the user will be prompted to confirm before creation.

  • Refresh Current Project Button – A new button at the top of the Project Form will update the Current Project only.

  • Project Alerts on General Tab – Alerts will show up on the General tab to indicate there are Pending Change Orders, Open RFIs, and Unsubmitted MRs on the project.

  • Go To Project – A “Go to Project” link is located above the project list on the Project Form. Click this and enter a project ID or part of Project Description to jump that project without filtering the project list.

  • Email Notification for PO Need By Date – Add an email address to be notified when a Need By Date is changed on a PO. See the Notification tab in Options.

  • Email Notification for Task Due Date Changes – Email Notifications are sent when Task Due Dates are changed.

  • MR Import Improvements – New options are added to the MR Import Items form. You can now add ODBC queries and import directly from LabelData.mdb files created by CADCode for Keytrix Woodwork.

  • Timeline Printing – Right-click the Timeline Grid on the Task Overview Form to print the Timeline View. It will print the currently selected month and the one after and is designed to print on 11x17 paper size w/ landscape orientation. Changing the column widths on the Timeline Grid affects the column widths on the printed Timeline.

Release: January 2, 2011

  • Project Email Groups UI Tweaks – The interface for Creating and Editing Email Groups has been been improved.

  • Email to Contact from Documents Tab – A new option is added to select a Contact as the addressee of the selected documents.

  • Contact Tab Menu Tweaks – The right-click menus on the Contact Tab of the Project Form have been rearranged. New options have been added to add Email Addresses or Contacts to Email Groups quickly.

  • PO History – A new tab is added to the PO Form which shows a history of Status Changes for the displayed PO.

  • PO Notes Interface – The Notes section for POs has been changed to the Note system used in other areas in CN. Right-click to add/delete/replace notes that are automatically name and date stamped.

  • Connection Handling Improvements – Some tweaks were made to handle connections to the server that may have timed-out or been disconnected temporarily.

  • Project Status Change on Task Completion – When modifying Project Task Definitions, it is possible to add a Project Status. When the Task is completed, the Project it is related to will automatically be switched to the selected Project Status.

  • Phase Qty Range Increased – The range limit of quantities for phases has increased. Previously the range allowed was between -32,768 and 32,767. Now the range allowed is between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647.

  • Custom Report Parameter Prompt for Date – When using Dates Parameters on Custom Reports, enter text on the second line of the Arguments to change the text at the top of the Date Selection popup window.