Release: March 1, 2021


  • Product Line - Add a Product Line field for Products

  • Product Dimension Limits - Added a Min, Max and Increment to the Product library for Height, Width, Depth and Length. This will be used to warn or prevent the user from entering invalid heights during takeoff in a future update.

  • Spec Product Option - Added a new type of spec item for Product Option. Groups on Estimates will inherit the Option from the spec from a global default value, value selected at the estimate level or the value set at the group level. A value set a lower level will override the other values.

  • Spec Defaults - Added the ability to set a global default spec value for spec item types of Part, Color and Product Option

  • Product Material Spec Part/Color - When creating material records for Products in estimating there are new columns to link to a spec record for Part, Color1 or Color2. In a future update, this will allow you select a part or color in the spec at the Estimate or Group level to select the Part and/or Colors.


  • After a recent release a popup error would occur when loading the Summary tab in Estimating and the totals on the summary tab were not accurate in some scenarios.